If you like luxury and comfort, few places will make you feel more at home than in Puerto Banus. Puerto Banús is a marina located in the Nueva Andalucia urbanization, in the province of Malaga, specifically in Marbella. It only takes a stroll through the marina to be able to glimpse all the luxury that surrounds it, where you can find a large number of yachts and luxury cars belonging to many celebrities who come to the place to enjoy their sites and their climate. Precisely, we come to show you these luxury sites, if you want to feel like a real star and feel like never before, we leave you the top 7 of the best luxury sites in Puerto Banus.

Enjoy a good erotic massage

Enjoying a good erotic massage is also a luxury and at massagesbanus you will find the best tantric massage therapists in the place so you can relax like never before. Massages in a privileged environment and with all the necessary privacy as to be able to evade and to put aside all the problems, to enjoy the greater relaxation. A great way to start the night (or finish it!) and discover in the best way all the magic that Puerto Banús has to offer.

The port itself

Without a doubt, one of the most characteristic elements, which is precisely what gives the name to the site, is the port of Puerto Banus itself. In the port, beyond being able to contemplate all the luxury, you will be able to enjoy the same one thanks to its rent of yachts or of all the services realized with these. There are all kinds of activities such as whale watching or, if you want something quieter, enjoy a walk in the sun along the coast, all accompanied by an authentic luxury boat.

Flight Experience Simulator

Believe it or not, not everything is related to the sea in Puerto Banus. Thus, you can find the Flight Experience Simulator, a flight simulator that will delight all aviation lovers. This is a very realistic flight simulator where we can put ourselves in command of a commercial aircraft, with the least of the dangers.

Puerto Banus, at night

The party is also one of the highlights in Puerto Banus. Select clubs such as the Ocean Club Marbella or the Sinatra Bar, offer the best music and the best drinks, where you can enjoy their usual parties with world-renowned dj’s and you may also find some famous people in the place.

Restaurants in José Banús

The best signature food is also found in Puerto Banus. In this way, both for lunch and dinner, you can enjoy authentic Mediterranean food in the Pasta and Basta or more exotic food in the Meksian. Luxury is added to this list by the D-Wine Restaurant and Los Bandidos Restaurant.

Shopping in Puerto Banus

If you are a lover of shopping, Puerto Banus will also have places to go. The Marina Banús Shopping Centre has brands such as Versace or Carolina Herrera, among others, so if you want to buy something to show off in the streets, here’s a stop more than recommended.

Cocktails in Puerto Banús

In Puerto Banus the whole party is not just a madness of loud music, but you can also find some more relaxed places where you can enjoy a good drink by the sea. In this sense, the Astral Cocktail Bar has the most select cocktails of the place where you can take a break and enjoy a good atmosphere with your friends, surrounded by good vibes and tranquility.

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